Ed Carson: Champion of Human Rights

Edward Carson
(1958-2008) – Champion of Human Rights

Ed Carson first became involved with Change for Children in 1979. A teacher with a focus on
special education, he spent two years in Nigeria before traveling to Nicaragua in 1984,
during the years of the Sandinista revolution and at the height of the Contra War.
In Nicaragua, Ed made a profound connection with the people – especially the children.
Ed changed the lives of many people from Alberta to Nicaragua.
His work continues today because he passed on his passion for and commitment to the
rights of all children to so many people.

“There are many stories that have become lore among Change for Children
supporters fortunate enough to spend time with Ed, either in Canada or on one of
his frequent trips to Nicaragua: Children streaming out of homes and alleys to run
after Ed’s truck, happily shrieking, “Eduardo! Eduardo!’ as he drives down the dusty
roads of Managua’s barrios. Ed feigning a broken leg, complete with full leg cast,
on a flight to Nicaragua so he could bring a much-needed wheelchair to the capital.
Ed dancing feverishly, twisting a laughing child around at one of the many parties
of the projects to which he dedicated his life.” Excerpt from article written by SCOTT HARRIS,
“Ed’s energy and spirit will live on in the hearts of the kids who were fortunate
enough to have met him during his time in Nicaragua; I know that the sound of his
voice calling out the window of his kid-filled truck is a permanent part of my memory
– and to this day remembering that brings a smile to my face.” REBEKAH SEIDEL,
“Ed made a huge impact on the work of INPRHU. He was the most recognized
person in Managua – not only among the children but also among the shop
owners, bus drivers, and all of the people in the markets that made up the environment
“I went to Nicaragua on a CFCA youth tour in 1998 and worked with CFCA’s
project partners in the barrio and saw firsthand the social inequalities that exist in
Nicaragua. Since I came home I have been forever changed, working for social
justice in a variety of different ways. Ed Carson was in Nicaragua at this time and
he has greatly influenced who I am today. His passion for social justice is highly
contagious and has greatly impacted me, my life choices, and general life path.”

“When people look back on life to see who has had the most profound impact,
rarely do they come up with a single name. Yet the number of candidates is always
small, four or five perhaps. When people ask me this question, the answer has over
the past twenty years been surprisingly consistent. And of the people on my list, the
one name that is always there is Ed Carson.” BILL HOWE, EDMONTON, AB

In Canada