Development Dinner

Join Us! 

Each year, an enthusiastic, caring community comes together to focus on CFC’s international projects. Over a delicious meal with great company, a charming host, and passionate presentations, a room full of beautiful humans collectively mobilizes to help other communities achieve their basic rights and secure a better future. Please join us!

This year, we invite you to the SEE THE HOPE — to see not only what is, but what can be. We see problems being solved through local effort and long-term planning. We see progress on what once seemed impossible. We see possible and solvable. We  see the hope.

We see it when we visit our projects. We see it when we meet those impacted by our partners. We see it in communities, in schools, and in the faces of those we meet. We see it when we feel your support. We want you to see it too!

When we work together, the world’s problems become solvable. One-by-one. Change is possible. SEE THE HOPE. It is all around.

When: September 20, 2019 (Cocktails 6PM, Dinner 7PM)

Where: Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre Grand Ballroom, Edmonton

Purchase Tickets: Contact us 780-448-1505

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