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School Water Systems and Gardens

Location: Central America and the Caribbean, Honduras | Priorities: Education, Food Sovereignty, Health, Water

Planting Seeds

Globally, 443 million school days are missed annually due to preventable water-related diseases. Safe sanitation, drinking water, and hand hygiene practices are among the most powerful ways to protect learners’ health, reducing exposure to and transmission of disease. Safe school water systems mean healthy learners attend school more regularly, and teachers report improved cognitive development. WASH education sees students pass down positive learned behaviors to family, friends, and future generations.


Provide water, sanitation, and hygiene services and training to students, teachers, and parents in rural schools. Implement latrine, water filtration, water treatment, and school gardens to improve learning conditions for students.

School Water Systems

The installation of Combination Water Systems enlisting a two-tank system makes safe water available at schools. One tank receives the contaminated source water and settles impurities to the bottom. The clear water transfers to a second tank, is chlorinated to remove bacteria, and is rendered safe to drink.

The program includes a comprehensive WASH training program through monthly school visits covering topics including personal hygiene, water quality, and basic sanitation. Construction of latrine and hand-wash stations follows in addition to the establishment of health and hygiene committees in the school and community.

School Gardens

Establishing school gardens provides students with knowledge of cultivating nutritious vegetables while contributing to a healthy school lunch program. School gardens plants seeds of possibility and provide opportunity, expanding studies into outdoor classrooms and reaping the rewards.

Project Partners

Change for Children partner organizations on this project are: EOS International and The Bishop Croteau Development Foundation.


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