Research and Evaluation

External Evaluations

Technology and Training for Quality and Equality in Remote Indigenous Communities
Bosawas, Nicaragua | May 2022

Fund for Innovation and transformation (FIT) Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Visit
Bosawas, Nicaragua | Feb-March 2023

Research Publications

Technology for Improved Education: Results and Learnings from a Project in Guatemala 
Guatemala | 2019-2020
Wiebe A., Crisóstomo L. J., Feliciano Pérez R., & Anderson T. (2022). Comparative Advantages of Offline Digital Technology for Remote Indigenous Classrooms in Guatemala (2019-2020). Journal of Learning for Development, 9(1), 55-72. Retrieved from

✓ Towards Gender-Transformative and Intercultural Education for Action on Climate Change: A knowledge and Needs Assessment in the Miskito Communities of the Bosawás Forest Reserve of Nicaragua