Change the Present

Gifts that change the world…for the better

More and more, people are shifting to alternative gift giving – wanting to honour a special person or occasion in a more meaningful way – it is time to Change the Present. Order Global Gift Cards online  or click on the images below to Download, Print, and Share. 

Global Gift Cards

Click the gift card options below to view and learn more about how your donation helps.

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Order online:

Order online (or call us 780-448-1505) to have gift cards sent to recipients on your behalf.

Order online

Download, print, and share:

Make an online donation and then download (using the gift card links above), print, and send (or email!) a gift card to your loved one!

Holiday Gifts

Imagine if we all decided to Change the Present?

Can you just imagine what an enormously positive impact we could have if instead of purchasing all that stuff, we donated to projects that address extreme poverty. We-could-truly-change-the-world!. Invite your family to Change the Present

Birthdays & Weddings

Invite guests to Change the Present

Your loved ones want to give something to celebrate – invite them to share the joy of gifts that provide clean water, access to education and health care where it is most needed. Ask them to share the joy of helping improve the lives of children, their families and communities. Ask them to Change the Present!

Teacher & Colleague Gifts

No more useless trinkets, Change the Present

You want to share your appreciation for your colleague(s) or child’s teacher but you also know that the last thing they want (and the last thing the world needs) is some useless ‘thing’. Change the Present and make a donation in their honour. Give them a Global Gift Card and share in the joy of making the world a little better.

How do your gifts change the world?

Every donation helps by supporting our projects but here are some ideas of what it takes to change the world for the better:

$50 Gift of Seeds promotes Food Security and diversifies diets

$50 Gift supports Women’s Corn Silo cooperatives and helps combat food shortages

$85 Gift of Eco Stoves reduces wood consumption & respiratory problems

$100 Gift supports Access to Water in drought-stricken Nicaragua

$150 Gift of Education grants opportunity and opens doors for a child

$165 Gift of Solar Ovens eliminate the time & money traditionally required for acquiring cooking fuel

$200 Gift of School Gardens helps students learn and put food on their tables

$800 Water Committee Training empowers communities to effectively manage their water resources

$2,000 Establishes a Community Garden which improves nutrition & food security

$2,500 Rehabilitates an existing Water System providing relief to an entire community

$4,500 Trains 500 Farmers in effective cultivation

$10,000 Constructs a water well to provide safe water access to a whole community

$12,000 Builds a classroom in one of our school construction projects