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education-140Education enables foundational solutions and creates opportunity. For those living on less than $2 a day, opportunity is desperately needed. Working in partnership with people around the world to build capacity and transform unjust structures that prevent learning, in the classroom or otherwise, we build community. Opportunities can be stifled for girls who must spend hours every day collecting water, for those that are too malnourished too learn, or for those for whom formal infrastructure simply does not exist. We address root causes to make education accessible for all.

Our work

Change for Children has made education one of our top priorities in the fight against poverty. It is the key that unlocks other human rights. There can be no lasting change without it. Our definition of ‘education’ moves beyond books and classrooms to a broader vision involving men, women, and children in accessing the tools and knowledge necessary for unlocking access to all human rights including: food, water, health, gender equality, and democratic participation in the sustainable development of communities and environments.

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