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Knowledge Sharing in Canada

Location: Nicaragua | Priorities: Climate Change, Education, Indigenous Peoples

Miskito Indigenous Persons Share Knowledge in Canada

In order to share learnings from the Local Knowledge: Global Goals Project, three Miskito Indigenous guests from Nicaragua who have been testing the innovation visit Canada to share knowledge with NGOs and first nations working with global Indigenous communities. This collaboration has received support from the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT), a fund generously supported by Global Affairs Canada and the Inter Council Network.


The purpose is to have a knowledge exchange with Indigenous communities in Canada about how traditional knowledge can contribute to climate change mitigation and recovery, and to sustainable development.


The guests will  share their experiences with provincial councils for international cooperation at the Fund for Innovation and Transformation fall conference, Canadian Indigenous groups in the western provinces and territories, and NGOs working internationally with Indigenous communities on similar issues. With Edda Muller‘s expertise in pedagogy and gender equality, Tony Llorente‘s involvement in mapping and monitoring and evaluation, and Alonso Hodgson‘s role as liaison for the Indigenous Territorial Government, together, this trio has much to share!  The guests will also engage with youth through Change for Children’s relationships with teachers in Alberta and the Alberta Teachers Association.

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