We stand up for the right to water

Water is life. Lack of access to potable water is not only extremely detrimental to health – especially that of children – it also impedes economic and social development. In areas of water scarcity, women and children spend a considerable portion of each day seeking water, which takes time away from other important activities such as school, work, and time with family.



Our work

Change for Children Water Projects have been recognized world-wide for providing community solutions that are sustainable. The promotion of water as a human right is more than drilling water wells. Although we do that too. We believe that it is also engaging communities in the process of planning and building water systems. It is empowering communities to self-govern and organize and form Water Management Committees. Our water projects place an emphasis on the empowerment of women as decision-makers, community leaders, and change-makers to ensure long-term sustainability of projects. Reliable access to clean water means children attend school; it means healthy communities; it means an increase in economic pursuits. Water means everything to families who do not currently have it. Because, water is life.

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