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Technology for Sustainable Water Resource Governance

Location: Central America and the Caribbean, Nicaragua | Priorities: Climate Change, Water

Goal: Increase empowerment of Nicaraguan citizens, through the use of science and technology, to engage in democratic processes and improve access to water as a human right. 

The Technology for Sustainable Water Resource Governance initiative aims to enhance public participation in democratic processes, strengthen the ability of rural populations to hold their governments to account, and increase the responsiveness of public institutions with respect to water supply needs and sustainable management of water resources in northwest Nicaragua.

Project Completion: March 2022
Evaluation Report: Evaluation of projects from the call for proposals technological platforms to strengthen public sector accountability and citizen engagement; ECORYS August 2022

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Technology to Empower Citizens

Using technology for monitoring, reporting and for water rights advocacy will empower Nicaraguan citizens to engage in democratic processes and improve their access to water as a human right.With the support of Global Affairs Canada, this four-year project will strengthen citizen engagement in water management by putting technology in the hands of community water committees.

Technology can facilitate opportunity for engagement between citizen and state

Engagement in democratic decision-making processes will be realized through providing technology, training and technical support to:

  • 1,825 board members from 365 local Community Water Committees (CWCs)
  • 50 community leaders from marginalized local groups
  • 33 municipal technical personnel for sustainable water management.

The Project will also will impact 80,000 people in drought-stricken NW Nicaragua through potable water system construction and rehabilitation.

Technology can support social action by connecting citizens

Local Project Website Connects Citizens – Click Here

Technology for Sustainable Water Resource Governance and
The Sustainable Development Goals

This project will make significant contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click the link below to learn more.

Learn More: SDGs and Technology for Change

Rural women and marginalized groups (including off-grid populations, the elderly, youth and the disabled), will obtain the tools and capacity to hold their governments accountable for providing access to water. The project will implement a comprehensive and far-reaching gender equality strategy to ensure rural women have a voice in water management and government accountability through the use of technology. This will be accomplished through providing infrastructure, technology and training to the CWC network and municipal officials in the form of technical support offices located within municipal city halls, as well as workshops and public forums that support and facilitate the use of technology for monitoring, reporting and for water rights advocacy.

Expected outcomes:

  • Enhanced equitable and inclusive participation in democratic decision making processes;
  • Increased use of science and technology by local residents to hold their governments to account;
  • Increased responsiveness of public institutions to the diverse needs and rights of people.

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