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The inspired initiative and leadership of our community members is the fuel that has enabled CFC to achieve life changing results time and time again over the last four decades. Welcome to a multigenerational community of leaders!

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Creating your own fundraising page is a great way to create a ripple! Set a goal and invite your people to be part of the life-changing work of Change for Children. Fund a water well; Support technology in a classroom; Add solar power to a remote classroom; Provide nutritious food for families.

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We are happy to support you and your fundraising campaign by providing information, photos for promotion, and assistance setting up an online fundraising page. Let us support you!

Fundraising Campaigns

Paragon supports Guatemala Nutrition and Education Projects

Ambassador: Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting

Paragon employees are committed to supporting nutrition and education projects in Guatemala’s western highlands — home to the Maya-Mam indigenous people.

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Ambassador: Nekky Jamal

During my most recent dental brigade trip to Central America, it became evident that one feasible way to make an impact is to help provide one of the basic necessities of life – water!

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For the Well of It

Ambassador: Nicole Farn

Visiting the projects of Change for Children, I have witnessed how access to clean water makes a real difference in the lives of real people in drought-stricken Nicaragua.

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Guatemala School Construction Fundraiser

Ambassadors: 2018 Guatemala Dental and Optometry Brigade Team

This campaign was successfully completed in February, 2018. Congratulations, Team Si Se Puede! Read more about this brigade team HERE! 

Dental Brigade and Volcano Trek Charity Challenge

Ambassadors: 2017 Nicaragua Dental and Optometry Brigade Team

This campaign was successfully completed in February, 2017. Read more about it HERE!

Thirsty for Change

Ambassador: Cortney Anderson

This campaign was successfully completed in August, 2017. Congratulations, Courtney!

I had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua with Change for Children last year and was given the pleasure of witnessing the inauguration of two water wells.

Bearing witness to the overwhelming joy and gratitude of people in Nicaragua for the seemingly simple gift of water is something that I will never forget. The water that comes with ease from our taps, with which we wash our clothes, drink, and cook is often taken for granted. I invite you to join me in raising money to provide access to clean water and make a real difference in the lives of those without.

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Not to be put on the Back Burner – Eco Stoves for the Bosawas

Ambassador: Katherine Smith

This campaign was successfully completed in 2017. Congratulations, Katherine!

I am raising money for eco stoves in Nicaragua. Eco stoves help by reducing wood consumption and venting to outside their homes. Their current stoves do not and therefore lead to many respiratory problems.

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Paragon Bosawas Schools and Garden Initiative

Ambassador: Paragon Soils, Edmonton Alberta

This campaign was successfully completed in 2016. Congratulations, Paragon!

Paragon employees are committed to supporting the construction of a secondary school and garden in the extremely remote region of the Bosawas biosphere region in Nicaragua. Several Paragon personnel visited the Bosawas region and the indigenous communities earlier this year to explore project and partnership opportunities with Change for Children.

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If you plan to use our name or hold an event that would involve us issuing charitable receipts we ask that you review our Third Party Fundraising Guidelines first. Donation Forms can be photocopied and used for collecting donations for Change for Children at any event or initiative to ensure we get all the correct and necessary donor information.