Thirsty for Change

Ambassador: Cortney

I had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua with Change for Children last year and was given the pleasure of witnessing the inauguration of two water wells.

Bearing witness to the overwhelming joy and gratitude of people in Nicaragua for the seemingly simple gift of water is something that I will never forget. The water that comes with ease from our taps, with which we wash our clothes, drink, and cook is often taken for granted. Imagine not having access to water by simply turning on your tap. Imagine having to walk for miles and miles to retrieve only as much water as you can carry. Imagine having your water use restricted to one day per week. These are some of the challenges that face people in Nicaragua trying to gain access to clean water.

I invite you to join me in raising money to provide access to clean water and make a real difference in the lives of those without. Together we have the opportunity to make a real change. A small monetary donation to this well project will make an astronomical difference in the lives of those who will gain access to clean water.

With a goal of raising $10,000 we will be able to provide a water well to a community in need.

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