Our Approach

Justice is our vision, Partnership is our action

Over 40 years of international partnerships rooted in respect and solidarity


Our projects are based on partnership and mutual exchange of ideas.
We do not have offices or employees in the South, we  partner
with local organizations who implement projects in their home country.


Our development projects, their cost and priority, are determined by our southern partners
according to the current needs of their communities.


Our development projects increase the capacity of local people and local
community-based organizations to have local control in poverty reduction.


Development Projects Well Considered.


Change for Children’s Global Projects are evaluated on the following:

✓ Environmental Impact
CFC recognizes that environmental issues are an integral part of the struggle for justice and peace, and we’re dedicated to protection of the environment. We will not support projects that are neglectful or harmful of the physical environment.

✓ Institutional and Financial Sustainability
By supporting community development projects designed and implemented by Southern partners, CFC aims to promote empowerment and self-sufficiency in the communities we assist. In most cases, proposals must demonstrate that the project will continue after external support ceases.

✓ Expertise and Accountability of Implementing Organization(s) 
As CFC’s approach does not involve providing our staff to implement  projects, it’s vital that the organizations and/or community group(s) implementing the projects have the appropriate capacity to undertake the project.

✓ Decision-Making Structure
CFC recognizes the importance of full community participation in the process of just transformation. Although decision-making structures will vary according to the needs of each particular project, it’s important that decisions pertaining to projects are not made by one or two people but communally by a representative population of the project participants.

✓ Gender and Development
CFC recognizes the fact that women face systemic discrimination on a global scale and generally earn less than men, are prevented from owning land, face numerous obstacles to holding positions of authority, and face many threats of violence just because they are women. We are dedicated to justice for women and therefore strongly favour projects that are thoroughly conscious of gender equity.

✓ Indigenous Culture 
CFC recognizes the fact that indigenous peoples throughout the world have faced systemic oppression in all areas of life. We are committed to the maintenance and preservation of indigenous cultures, traditions, and dignity. As well, we are dedicated to the elimination of the injustices that have resulted in the oppression and abuse of indigenous peoples on a global scale.