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Annual Report 2021/22

Together as a community we have advocated for rights-based development, championed the Sustainable Development Goals, fostered climate action, and strengthened local ownership of projects and the local capacity to sustain them. With your support we are planting seeds – and together we continue to see growth in the face of adversity.

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Annual Report 2020/21

This year marked our 45th anniversary as an organization. For over four decades we have been working to improve the quality of life in some of the most remote communities of the world. Project delivery evolves and changes over time, but we remain steadfast in our mission to promote health, human rights and solutions to poverty through sustainable development. We are still here, but we have been anything but still. We are still innovating. Still improving. Still growing. Still impacting.

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Annual Report 2019/20

The value of digital connection as a lifeline on so many fronts is undeniable. This is a time to stand up, to stand strong, to stand out. We see the importance of solidarity and of science. We see the impact of your commitment. We invite you to see it in the pages of our 2019/2020 Annual Report.

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Annual Report 2018/19

We see not only what is but what can be. We see problems being solved by local effort and long-term planning. We see progress on what once seemed impossible. We see possible and solvable. With this publication, we invite you to step into the work you contributed to this year. You too will SEE THE HOPE. It was – it is – all around, and we could not do it without you!

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Annual Report 2017/18

As we reflect on the year, we celebrate the successes which have given more women a voice, given more girls an opportunity, and which continue to Make Room for women and girls at the table. Change for Children is a family. We are proud to have you at our table. Squeeze in tight. Together, we can continue to Make Room!

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Annual Report 2016/17

Because of your support this year, we have  been able to stitch together something beautiful, something unique, adding colour to lives. We are proud to participate in weaving the social fabric in our local community and our global community. What a beautiful piece we are creating!

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Annual Report 2015/16

This year we celebrate 40 Years of Making it Right — Nearly 30 million dollars invested improving the lives of over 5 million people in 20 countries. Our projects have had a lasting impact. This work has filled our hearts. You have joined us on this journey. We have reason to celebrate.

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Annual Report 2014/15

The faces smiling back from this Annual Report are all people who have been impacted by the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our long term project partners and whom we have met this past year. We have heard their stories, received their handshakes, been invited into their homes, and felt their resilient spirits. We hope you feel them too.


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Annual Report 2013/14

Working in partnership with people around the world to build capacity and transform unjust structures; together, we empower community.

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