Paragon Bosawas Schools and Garden Initiative


Ambassador: Paragon Soils, Edmonton Alberta

Paragon employees are committed to supporting the construction of a secondary school and garden in the extremely remote region of the Bosawas biosphere region in Nicaragua. Several Paragon personnel visited the Bosawas region and the indigenous communities earlier this year to explore project and partnership opportunities with Change for Children. Following the visit, the secondary school and garden initiative was chosen as the fundraising initiative for Paragon. This initiative will provide access to secondary school education locally – instead of requiring students to travel long distances or not attend at all – which has a direct and notable impact on children’s education prospects.

The garden initiative will promote gardening in the community and provide tools to improve current gardening and agricultural practices. Paragon believes the secondary school and garden initiative will provide many benefits to the region including building the capacity of the indigenous population to manage their traditional lands.

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