Youth Volunteer "I Am Making a Difference"

In early January, Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC) designed the “I Am Making a Difference” youth campaign for International Development Week (IDW) 2011. The campaign profiles eight nominated Albertan youth who are making a difference in the world. These Alberta-based youth leaders are models of civic engagement and global citizenship, actively responding to social justice and international development issues in their communities and around the world on a regular basis.

Change for Children nominated Kaitrin Doll for her volunteer contributions to the organization, particularly in the area of social justice education for Alberta youth. In the past 3 years, Kaitrin has volunteered her time, energy and passion as a facilitator for various Rural Roots conferences and leadership workshops for high school students. In 2007, Kaitrin participated with CFCA partner Project HOPE in a month-long exchange in Esteli, Nicaragua, helping to construct a community art centre for FUNARTE to further reach marginalized populations with their human rights and mural art programs. In 2009, Kaitrin was selected as a Youth Mentor/Facilitator for CFCA’s Rural Rights Youth Action & Media Project, where she was trained in the method of deliberative dialogue, and visited two rural Albertan communities to promote a dialogue on local human rights issues and youth-led solution building.

Kaitrin is a registered Social Worker and currently works as an Adult Outreach Counsellor at Boyle Street Community Services. She is also a Director of the Ceiba Association, an emerging for-youth-by-youth non-profit in Edmonton that is striving to connect local and global youth in community building projects.

Kaitrin was amongst 7 other Alberta youth selected to participate in a video-conference discussion/mural art workshop with 8 youth participants from Nicaragua, looking at issues of importance to youth.

Visit ACGC’s website for more information about the workshop and International Week.

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