World Water Day - WATER IS LIFE

Water is Life  – in the International Year of Water Cooperation – we ask for your help

Did you shower this morning? Flush the toilet? Wash your dishes and drink your coffee?

Most of us used more water before we left for work this morning than many people world wide use in an entire day…for their whole families. It is a ridiculous, and tragic, reality

Think about it. One flush of the toilet uses more water than some people use in a day.

And, for the one billion that lack access to clean water, the immense job of water collection is who’s responsibility? Girls and women. 2-3 hours a day to find and carry water. How can any progress be made when so much time is lost? It is absurd. It’s unacceptable.

In drought stricken NW Nicaragua where CFCA’s Nicaragua Water Project is operating, contaminated rivers that often dry up are often the only source of water. Can you imagine that?

Today is World Water Day. This year’s theme is Water Cooperation.

Today children are suffering. Today we can do something.

We can work together to ensure that the thousands of people in NW Nicaragua who are struggling today, being held back today, can trust a promise of water.

Water is Life. No other rights can be truly achieved without it. Please, make a pledge today. Work with us to ensure that communities in NW Nicaragua achieve this basic right and have the chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Contribute to the Nicaragua Water Project, a UN recognized community solution that is a proven and celebrated holistic model that has brought water to over 75,000 people to date. Communities are waiting today and we need your help to reach them.

Want to know more? Why Water? Why Nicaragua?

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