The Gift of Education

A quality education is a human right.  Achieving access for all to quality education is a key factor in the creation of economic, social and physical well-being for all communities. Change for Children’s education projects support communities in achieving this right.

In the BOSAWAS rain forest in Nicaragua, educated people are few and far between. Education past grade six is rare  as the majority of the secondary school level youth do not have the resources to travel and live close to a secondary school. Without higher education, the population must rely on non-indigenous labour, consultants and politicians to occupy positions of responsibility for infrastructure development, agricultural training, education, medical care and business promotion. Schools in BOSAWAS provide the indigenous population with its own educated people, qualified to occupy positions of responsibility and make intelligent and informed decisions for their people and the forest.

Change for Children has built four secondary schools and a primary school in Nicaragua and four elementary schools in Guatemala. With your help we can continue providing education and basic human rights to these developing countries.

Donate now and honor the teacher in your life by giving the gift of education.

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