Clean Water - A Reason to Celebrate

Glenn Isaac and his family traveled to Nicaragua this year and took part in the inauguration of the well in the community of El Tanque, drilled as part of the Nicaragua Water project.

The well in El Tanque was funded with the proceeds of the Joffrey Lupul Charity Golf Tournament held annually in partnership with the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper. As the Executive Director of the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper, and as a long-time CFC supporter, the opportunity to see one of the wells inaugurated in person was an experience Glenn will never forget.

“You can’t fully appreciate the impact of the drinking water wells in these communities until you’ve been there and see the way they celebrate the fact that a clean, safe, well is coming to their community.”

And celebrate they did. With a water fight and a piñata, music and dancing! The laughter of children, his own and the children of El Tanque, is something that stood out for Glenn, as he was reminded that, despite differences, kids are kids. And giving the kids in Nicaragua more opportunities by giving them the chance to not have to think about or worry about water is at the very heart of this project.

Beyond the revelry of the celebration, the long-term significance of the well for the community was obvious. Glenn was touched by the people who showed true appreciation and enthusiasm for the opportunity to live more productively on all levels – from the social to the familial to the economic. Glenn met the community water committee in charge of ongoing maintenance of the water system and saw firsthand how his support of wells in remote places was backed by a strong plan in place to maintain them. He saw that it is truly an investment in sustainability.

“I was especially thrilled to hear that every well that has been constructed as part of this project is still active after all these years.”

It was especially rewarding for Glenn to share the experience with his family. He witnessed the pride of his oldest son in being involved in delivering clean water to a community; he felt the genuine welcome extended to his wife, Carolynn, from the community women; and he took pride himself in participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony. The experience not only touched him deeply, but allowed him to bring the experience back home to the supporter community he has fostered over the years.

“I always feel proud to talk about Change for Children. It’s so easy to explain the great work they do.”

Glenn was truly inspired by what he describes as a ‘once in a lifetime experience.’ Meeting not only the beneficiaries of the project, but also the project partners (Centro Humboldt), and seeing how much they care about their fellow Nicaraguans only made him even more eager to further develop funds for the project.

Being a part of providing the water security that every human being should have, emphasized for Glenn what he already knows to be true – that it takes responsible government, communities, and citizens to ensure water security for all. After all, that is the goal. Water for all. Because, Agua es Vida. Because, Water is Life. Understanding the importance of water can, and should, be translated to any language.

As a global citizen and as a member of the Change for Children community, Glenn is passionate about doing his part to promote water justice because it is clear to him that, “Change is happening, and it’s good change.”

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