World Food Day 2015

Farmers Feed the World

Ceremonies around the world today are building a movement to end hunger!

The UN Global expo in Milan is calling for social protection and fairer food systems. The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is emphasizing the importance of investment in agriculture, education and natural resource management for breaking cycles of rural poverty.

And from right here at home, we too are investing in farmers. Change for Children’s agriculture projects continue to support and educate local farmers in Guatemala (a country that continues to rank devastatingly high on the Global Hunger Index).

Corn silos, seed banks, demonstration gardens, and community promoters are all integral components of the Guatemala Food Security project in partnership with local organization, the Mayan Mam Association for Research and Development (AMMID).

With the theme of “Social Protection and Agriculture,” World Food Day stands to remind the world that we need not only address poverty and hunger, but also the conditions that cause them. Change for Children projects ensure access to livelihoods, healthcare, schooling, and better nutrition.

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