A Youth Perspective

The teenagers of the Bosawas lead a very simple lifestyle. While they do not have phones, TVs, video games, or any of the items that a North American teenager would deem valuable, they are content with the lives they lead. The grow their own food, raise their own livestock and look after their families. They are extremely happy with how they live, as they have all that they need.

Many teenagers, however, are lacking a fundamental part of their education. Teenagers will sometimes choose not to, or are unable to, continue their education past elementary school. If an extra wage is needed for their family, they are forced to find work. But the most common issue is that many villages are not located near a secondary school. They must commute long distances or move closer to attend the school.

A teenager in the Bosawas is less likely to finish his formal education, and will not have as many opportunities in front of them as we do in North America. This hits particularly close to home for me as I am myself a teenager, and it is both eye opening and shocking that young people have to make this sacrifice and have such responsibility at such a young age.This experience has been incredibly humbling and inspiring.

Ethan Smith, Bosawas Brigade Volunteer 2016

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