A Fond Farewell

Concert Series a Success!

Minstrels Freddy Lopez and Silvio Martinez have now returned to Managua. Although they left behind many new friends, the music in our souls and the stories told through song will undoubtedly stay with us. If you had an opportunity to attend one of the 12 concerts, you will know just what I mean. If you did not, be sure to click the link below for a virtual recap that will surely make your toes tap!

Your support of the 40th Anniversary concert series raised nearly $20,000 for Change for Children projects. We, and those we serve, could not have asked for a better present!

We are very happy to bring the message of social justice that exists within these songs, and to share the great work that Change for Children does.

—Freddy Lopez

Musicians and More

The talented musicians that visited us over the past month also work for our partner organization, Centro Humboldt, in Nicaragua. Silvio, gifted at playing every instrument pulled from his literal bag of tricks, is also an engineer and works tirelessly to build the schools in Bosawas for our Bosawas School Construction project. Freddy, guitar player and artist extraordinaire, is a social worker and works with street kids living and working on the streets of Managua.

We are so grateful for these musicians, partners, and friends for the time they spent with us here in Canada and for their tireless efforts working in solidarity with us in Nicaragua.

Through our whirlwind tour of the province, we have been able to tell our stories through song and really touch the hearts of people.

—Lorraine Swift, Executive Director

Reaching Audiences Far and Wide

In addition to playing 12 concerts, the band also took the stage with local band, Le Fuzz, at 5 gigs around town, performed on World Refugee Day at City Hall, and created both art and music in two elementary schools, all the while promoting the work of Change for Children.
It’s all part of that connection that we weave with Change for Children where we like people to meet the people from those communities that they’re helping to support.
—Frank Bessai

Thank you

Special thanks to local trio member Frank Bessai – without his time, talent, and inexhaustible commitment to the cause, the tour would not have been possible. Thanks also to local musicians Marco Clavería, Freddy Ruiz, Jason Kodie and Dwayne Hrynkiw from Le Fuzz, Bill Hallam, Fred Mann, and Armando Munguia whose musical collaboration with the Minstrels created truly unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences for all.

And finally, thank you to all who opened up your homes to host concerts and introduce your own community to the Change for Children community. It was such a pleasure.

In Canada