Alida Takes Control

Determined to improve the health and nutrition of her family, nine months ago Alida began to work a tiny plot of uncultivated pastureland with a vision of creating a family garden. With native hybrid seeds and medicinal plants provided by Change for Children project partner, AMMID, she worked relentlessly to create a source of healthy food for her family. As the garden took shape and as plants began to sprout from the dirt she had tirelessly turned over and as her children reaped the rewards of her harvest, Alida became even more ambitious.

Eager to collaborate with her neighbours and community, Alida became an agroecological promoter of the Community Food Security Project. She learns techniques from AMMID—how to vaccinate chickens, make feed for her pigs, use compost in the family garden—and shares the knowledge with her community.

” We eat more healthy and nutritious, vegetables that I harvest from my family garden, and our expenses have decreased because of the practices I have been taught. Before, we were often sick. Now, thanks to this project, I have a diversified and complete garden and my 12-month old daughter gains weight every month.”

Harvesting her own vegetables now supports the health and economy of Alida’s family. It has changed everything.

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