The next chapter for Marjorie

Marjorie works hard. The first time we meet her in the Bosawas bioshphere reserve in Nicaragua, she is carrying rice. The second time we cross paths, she is carrying water from the river to her family’s home. The third time we meet her, she is shucking the rice. Like it’s her job. Because it is.

At twelve years old and in sixth grade, Marjorie’s role in her family is to satisfy her obligations to the household first and foremost. Early morning chores and afternoons in the field mean that Marjorie can attend primary school during the day, but attending secondary school in a year’s time has never been in her future. Until now.

The secondary school being built by Change for Children in her home community of Aniwas means that she will be able to satisfy her household obligations AND continue her studies beyond grade six – an uncommon occurrence for a girl in the Bosawas.

Your support writes the stories! The next chapter of Marjorie’s story will now include an education. She will bring her work ethic with her to secondary school. As an educated woman, Marjorie is more likely to delay marriage and childbirth, to immunize her children, to improve her family’s earning potential, and to contribute to the prosperity of her community. Marjorie’s story has only just begun!

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