Encouraging Women to Be Brave

When the Change for Children dental brigade team sets out on Friday for the Comitancillo region of Guatemala, they will be bringing more than dental care. One volunteer, Joyce, will be bringing an extra suitcase (or two!) filled with weaving supplies.

The Taltimiche weaving co-op will gather to take part in a one-day colour and finishing workshop that Joyce — who has been weaving for almost forty years — has prepared. With the help of neighbours, friends, and family, in addition to gathering crayons and yarn en masse, Joyce has been working like a self-proclaimed ‘mad-woman’ preparing handouts, weaving 8″x10″ samples for practicing finishing techniques, cutting up paint chips for making colour overlays, and making twisted-fringe-makers out of wood and wire. And all of this times 24 – one for each weaving co-op member!

Says Joyce, “I’m excited to spend a day with the women. I’m thrilled to share and if I can pass on a little of what I know and give them some tools that they’ll use to experiment, I’m hoping that it will help them be a little more brave in their weaving. I know I’ll learn lots from them too!”

Be Bold For Change.  

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