Today's Thinkers. Tomorrow's Leaders.

We are encouraged by the new generation of future leaders who not only think about how they can boldly change the world, but are taking action. At 8 years old, Lida is already thinking globally. “Everyone needs water!” she proudly asserts and, for the second year in a row, generously collects birthday donations for the Nicaragua Water Project – a project that has empowered women to overcome barriers and celebrates women as confident Community Water Committee leaders.

Like most kids, access to clean water is a right Lida just simply understands. A conversation about the realities faced by others, especially in the context of the abundant joy of a birthday celebration makes her choice to share an easy one. Lida, today we celebrate your journey towards being one of Tomorrow’s leaders – one who is already part of the chain of people enabling rights for others Today.

Be Bold For Change.  

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