A little Vision goes a long way

In February, the eye care brigade team travelled to Nicaragua to see patients in four communities who waited paitiently to be tended to by three visiting optometrists and our team of volunteers.

Eye charts went up on the sides of walls, classrooms, and concrete blocks. Eye drops were administered to children and adults alike sitting in student chairs, on sturdy benches, and even when there was standing room only.

Donated reading and prescription glasses were dispensed on-site. Some people walked away with two pairs—one for distance and one for near. Sunglasses, vital to protect damaged eyes from harmful rays, were also distributed. Those requiring prescriptions that could not be filled by the donations on hand were thrilled to choose empty frames with the promise that we would return with a complete pair at a later time.

Hold the vision. Trust the process.

All in, over 400 pairs of glasses were dispensed and/or prescribed. Project partner, Centro Humboldt, recently returned to the four communities to distribute the final pairs of glasses requiring special order. Special thanks to the Golden Rotary Club, to brigade participants for their contributions, and to all those who supported brigade participants through donations to help fund the optometry component of this year’s brigade.

Donated glasses and frames came from volunteers, friends of volunteers, and also, as we understand it, from airline-amassed pairs consigned to oblivion in many a seatback pocket, from scores of dresser drawers, and from more than one grandmother with quite a collection to contribute!

Thank you for sharing these treasures. Great satisfaction does indeed come from sharing with others.

In The Field Nicaragua