Vision with Action can Change the World

Sight is what you see with your eyes. Vision is what you see with your mind. With improved sight, the vision of many will be more easily realized.

According to research by the World Health Organization, 153 million people who cannot get access to glasses are either blind or visually impaired due to uncorrected distance refractive error. They also estimate that those with who have lost their near vision as they age who cannot get access to glasses may number over 500 million people.

This means children who don’t have access to glasses miss out on school and other educational opportunities and adults may not be able to work and provide for their families. Consequently people are often pushed into poverty because of their inability to see well.

“The 450 glasses we provided may only seem like a drop in the bucket, but to the people who receive them, one pair of glasses could be life changing for them and their families.”
—Dr. Rebecca Kolbenson

In The Field Nicaragua