Your support changes the World

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the Common Threads that connect us across miles and circumstance and opportunity at the Development Dinner one week ago. You have generously contributed threads of change to our projects in Guatemala.

Thank you for sharing threads of joy at the event – another one of those little things that feels pretty big!

With each ticket purchased, each silent auction item coveted, each hand that shot up during the live auction, together, the room of beautiful humans raised over $100,000! Each of you a unique thread, a unique stitch, a unique heart. And together, we stitched together something pretty spectacular.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks. TOGETHER, we weave the social fabric of our world. Because of people like you, we can continue to empower others. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.

Your participation in the Common Threads installation helped us to acknowledge and discover the Common Threads that connect us. As you wove your joys and your successes together with the threads of the lives of others, you also helped to create a masterpiece to adorn our walls, which now serves as a permanent reminder of the beautiful things that we can create when we all work together.

Thank you for contributing heart to our work of art!

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