Thank you for Making Room!

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Development Dinner to Make Room for women and girls. Thank you for squeezing in tight. Thank you for your ears that listened, for your arms that extended, and for your support that will give many a girl the confidence to believe that her voice matters and that she has rights. Change for Children has been advocating for women throughout our 40 year history – championing women’s rights, women’s entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, women’s education – and progress is being made.

Things are changing. It does matter. It begins by bringing daughters to the dinner. It begins in our partner communities by promoting the rights of boys and of girls as equals. It begins when we all make room.

Thank you for making room at the table and in your hearts.
A little room means a whole awful lot.

With each ticket purchased, each silent auction item coveted, each hand that shot up during the live auction, you generously contributed to our Technology for Sustainable Water Resource Governance project in Nicaragua. Thank you. The collective generosity in the room raised almost $100,000! That’s a lot of room!

Not only will your contributions be used to make clean water accessible for entire communities, but funds raised will also be matched ten times by Global Affairs Canada for the funding of technology and training components of this next phase of the Nicaragua Water Project – components that will make room for ALL to advocate for their rights to water and hold governments to account (Learn more here).

Please accept our heartfelt thanks. TOGETHER, we made room for women, for girls, for freedom. And also for joy! Because of people like you, we can continue to empower others. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.

In Canada