The Littlest Philanthropists

Second graders at Bearspaw School spent a week in March learning about water scarcity and took to the streets to raise awareness.  And by streets, I mean the schoolyard where they walked for water! After learning about the millions of people around the globe who lack access to safe and clean water, they began every school day for a week by doing what many must — walking for water, carrying water, stepping into the shoes of children who walk far longer for far less. With awareness raised school-wide, the students brainstormed ideas to follow it up with fundraising, and decided on a bake sale. They were so proud as they saw each $1 add up to $700! We love this hands on learning and are so proud of these change leaders!

Kudos to dedicated teachers who seamlessly integrate curriculum with community and to students who soak up opportunities to learn about the world around them.

In June, for the fourth year in a row, Bearspaw School also contributed funds from their year-end Fun Day snack sales to the Water Project, generously contributing an additional $850 to the cause.

Thank you, Bearspaw School, for making waves! You are nothing short of inspiring!

Ripple on, friends!



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