Make a list. Check it twice. Leave No One Behind.

Visiting all corners of the world in a single night (in a flying sleigh, no less) is indeed impressive. And it takes a little magic.

Working in partnership with communities in remote corners of the world, consistently and with commitment, is equally no small feat. This is what your support allows Change for Children to do. You are the magic

It’s what allows us to see to it that Maria and her peers, in the remote Bosawas biosphere reserve in Nicaragua, are not left behind.

Maria is many things. She is a sister. She is a student. She is a Miskito indigenous person from a long line of strong Miskito women in her territory. She is a fast runner. She is a tree climber. She is a little girl with a scar across her nose from when her brother pushed her down. She is a force. She keeps up with the boys.

She is an agile six-year old who climbs in and out of Change for Children’s secondary school windows (under construction during our visit) with ease and joyful abandon. She is expressive, as she tests out the acoustics (and the echo!) of newly painted classrooms.

She is a member of the first generation in her community who will not be faced with abandoning education after primary school for lack of any other option. Now that secondary school construction is complete, she is a future high school student in her home community of Siminka.

Maria is a lot of things. But to us, and to her community, she is the future of the Bosawas. Maria is HOPE.

Change for Children is committed to working with Maria and with her community, stewards of the largest rainforest north of the Amazon basin. This work is in the name of education, gender equality, and confronting climate change – all intrinsically connected – to promote parity, to protect the forest, to preserve the planet.

Your support of Change for Children gifts the promise of possibility, the desire to look ahead, the anticipation of opportunity. Change for Children projects allow people to grow, to succeed, to dream, to shine.

There really is no place like HOPE for the Holidays

Shine on. Share hope. Spread joy.

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