Top 30 Under 30

Top 30 under 30

Change for Children represents

Change for Children nominated three candidates to receive the Top 30 under 30 distinction and all were awarded and recognized for their commendable work in making the world a more just, fair, and sustainable place for all. The Top 30 Under 30 is an annual award presented by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation to 30 outstanding young people, nominated by their community and selected by a committee of peers.

Joud Nour Eddin

Refugee Advocacy

As a practicum student at Change for Children, Joud demonstrated her dedication to humanitarian work and refugee advocacy in Edmonton and around the world.

SDG 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions and SDG 10: Reduced inequalities resonate most with my work and my goals. Refugees flee their homes due to various unjust circumstances that include war, political instability, and persecution. Through my work, I aim to reduce inequalities by advocating for an increased representation of refugees in decision-making processes.”

Glendy Paola Agustin Jiguan

Indigenous Rights Activism

Glendy Paola is a young Maya Mam woman, a student, and an activist for Indigenous rights in Guatemala. She accompanies CFC international service teams in Guatemala and works in her own right to speak up against racism and injustice and to promote the participation of young indigenous women in communities so that they can be agents of change.

“The SDGs related to community well-being, the environment, and a just peace are all important to me. For me, community development goes hand in hand with balance and harmony with Father Cosmos, Mother Earth, and humanity.”

Alonso Jr. Joseph Hodgson

Community Development

Alonso is a Miskito man working collaboratively with Change for Children to contribute to the sustainable development of his community. He is one of a few from the Bosawas, Nicaragua, to pursue higher education and is a strong advocate for holistic development.

SDG 1: No poverty is the most important SDG for the Indigenous peoples of Alto Wangki. We need to promote the development of our community in many ways, including building awareness of the problems of early pregnancy, preventing physical abuse and child abuse, promoting education and sports, reducing social problems among youth, and introducing more technological innovation.”