Not your Typical World Water Day

Typically, this is a day to gather, to meet face-to-face, to raise awareness through Water Walks and to join conversations about water and sanitation and the issues surrounding making sure everyone has sufficient, safe, acceptable, and affordable access to both.

This year is far from typical as the world faces a health crisis, but the purpose of this day remains the same — to highlight the essential role of water. And while we cannot physically gather, our collective awareness of the importance of water and its vital role in health and hygiene has perhaps never been greater. We know you don’t need one more reminder to wash your hands (though it can’t hurt!), but perhaps it also can’t hurt to remember to hold just a little greater respect for water, it’s importance, and the role that we play in protecting it, each and every time that we do.

All hands — safe hands — on deck on #WorldWaterDay.

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