Interview with Flor Martinez, Bosawas Teacher

Tony, one of our local Technology and Training for Quality and Equality in the Bosawas project facilitators, has been providing technology training sessions and workshops for teachers in the Bosawas to help introduce the use of tablets and digital libraries for learning — to ensure that teachers feel not only capable, but also comfortable and confident with this new concept. He took time recently to sit down one-on-one to check in with teachers about first impressions.

What are your preliminary thoughts on the technology you are learning to use?

I can just say that this is awesome. We never thought this would be made possible to us. We had very few resources before all this new technology. Not even the national ministry for education could provide us with text books due to the long distance that separates us from the nearest city. I’ve felt so great about learning how to use a computer and exploring the interesting contents on Rachel.

Do you see the potential to improve education with this new technology ?

Definitely. I have begun using the modules available on Rachel to improve my class. My students and I are happy for all this. Other teachers are also using materials and information available on the digital library, which makes me believe that we will have an ongoing education improvement.

Is this new experience more intimidating or exciting?

Very exciting. I attend every class knowing that there will always be a new thing to learn. After the first weeks of training with the facilitator, I feel confident when exploring content on Rachel all by myself. Most of the times, I stay for long hours reading or doing exercises.

What has been challenging about the training so far?

The beginning was the hardest part. I had not used a computer in my whole life. However, after my first days of training, I started to build confidence. Now, I just have to practice over and over what I am taught in every class.

What has been the most interesting?

I consider that everything I’m learning is interesting, since they are all new to me. In spite of that, the songs for kids in Miskito recently added, are the most interesting to me and my students. We are doing activities in class based on resources available in our own language.

Is there one topic you’re most interested in reading more about in the digital library?

The reading comprehension activities are lessons I wish were unending. There are a couple of modules on Rachel that offer reading and writing improvement exercises for all ages. I find them very useful and at the same time, entertaining.

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