Stand Up!

This year’s fall fundraiser promises to be a non-event. Literally!

Save the trouble of getting gussied up by not joining us on September 25th!  Spend the entire night any way you wish. Devote an end-of-summer evening to stargazing on your patio, enjoy a night out celebrating with a few friends, make dinner at home with family, or fall asleep early on the couch. At the unDinner, you’ll be in support by not showing up!

We at Change for Children, along with our legendary host and MC, Mark Scholz, will go ahead and not expect you. We won’t be there either! In fact, there is no actual event – but rather an online campaign to invite you to show your support.

In lieu of a fall fundraiser event, the STAND UP! campaign encourages you to not take injustice sitting down. In fact, we are not even going to give you a seat. Instead, STAND UP right where you are by showing your support online. No event (or seat!) necessary!

In the spirit of not getting together, there are a number of ways to not miss out on the spirit of the Development Dinner this year by supporting the online campaign.

Your donation helps others STAND UP for themselves!

Join our Guest Gratitude List and support Change for Children projects by not showing up. Let’s call it unadmission.


Hands up to STAND UP  for the projects most important to you through our not-so-live project auction online! Contribute to projects that address poverty, education, and clean water.


STAND UP to injustice AND support local and/or fair trade refreshments delivered to your door on September 25th! Make a toast of solidarity! Cheers to you!


Raise your hand if you’re feeling lucky! Participate in our online 50/50 fundraiser!



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