Communities Build Community

We need look no further than to you, our Change for Children community, to see how one community can lift another up. Individuals, families, businesses, and communities within our community have shown us support during this time of global uncertainty, when many charities have had to make drastic cuts to their budgets and some have been forced to close their doors.

It is this philanthropy – this spirit of giving without expectation of reward – that keeps our projects, our spirits, and our hopes alive. Now More than ever. And, we are grateful.

The actions of philanthropists, big and small, accomplish much in our world — building community, encouraging inclusion, keeping people educated, healthy, and safe. And, perhaps the greatest impact, without conscious effort, philanthropists encourage others to make change in the world.

Here are but a few philanthropists who are making change in ours.

“Supporting Change for Children allows me to make a tangible and significant difference in the lives of children and families around the world.  I love that the small amount I donate can contribute so much to providing water sources, education, and dental hygiene to individuals and communities.  I also appreciate that Change for Children works so collaboratively with those communities to build their capacity to sustain those efforts and helps creates jobs.” — Line, Monthly Donor

Monthly donors allow us to make commitments based on funds we know we can count on. There is no commitment too small to make a big difference. 

“At Biera, we choose to primarily support local, community-based charities that make our world a better place. Change for Children is local with a global reach and is run by a tremendous group of people here in Edmonton who are incredibly passionate about their work. We are happy to play a part in being able to help them achieve their very important goals.”  -Greg Zeschuk, Owner
Biera and Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company

Community Partners help us support global projects while raising awareness locally and supporting local business. Biera generously donated back the proceeds from all the Biera Boxes sold during our ‘Stand Up’ campaign! 

“I support the work of Change for Children because being part of this amazing organization is an opportunity to give back, and the tight community of brigade friends continually humbles me.  Acts of service elicit a profound feeling of purpose and well-being for me. In light of the absence of a dental/optometry brigade happening in 2021, I believed reaching out to the group and initiating a water well campaign was a meaningful way of contributing when we physically could not give our time and skills.”  — Jessica, Campaign Champion 

Supporters who champion a cause create awareness, inspire others, and create a pathway for people to do good – something people already want to do! Past dental/optometry team members joined forces and funded a community water well during our ‘Stand Up’ campaign to show their continued support even in the absence of a 2021 brigade. 

The Flaman Foundation has generously supported Change for Children for almost 30 years. Frank Flaman and his team joined a delegation to Nicaragua in 2007 to see firsthand the impact of their contributions. Though our fall fundraiser event was cancelled this year, the Flaman Foundation still showed up with generous support.

Working together with corporate donors allows us to set long term goals and fund major initiatives, and creates an opportunity for employees to collectively contribute to a cause. 




Thank you to all the Philanthropists for making change in the world!

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