Creativity is not cancelled!

Creativity is not cancelled. And neither is your passion! And we are grateful.

The past year will be remembered as one of struggle and of challenge. It is one where organizations, industries, and individuals alike saw projects, endeavours, and best laid plans being cancelled. In many cases, need, hardship, and poverty consequently increased.

But this past year will also be remembered as one where our partners, our donors, and our community showed us that some things simply cannot be cancelled. You cannot cancel creativity. Or hope. Or heart. Or perseverance. Or passion. And with all of these open for business, with your help, we continue to address needs, to ease hardship, and to alleviate poverty.

The determination of our partners to carry on in the face of adversity and the human spirit of our funders, donors, and friends has allowed us to rise to the challenges that 2020 presented. With your continued dedication and generosity in spite of the year’s difficulties and right through the holiday season, we are proud of everything you helped us achieve and are grateful to be in a position to move forward with new initiatives in this new year.

Thank you!