From Canada this February

It feels a little strange to be writing a February message from Canadian soil this year. Our dental and optometry brigades typically occur in February (sometimes January, sometimes March), and I have grown accustomed to processing the experiences to share with you from thirty-thousand feet in the air on my way home.

And while medical brigade travel is unlikely to occur this year, we continue to receive inquiries from the Change for Children community with respect to upcoming opportunities. We love to receive these messages! And we totally understand. We are anxious to get back out there too. We would like nothing more than to visit the communities who could really use the services our brigade volunteers provide.

In recognition that 2021 medical brigade travel was likely not in the cards, some of our past brigade volunteers came together at the end of last year nonetheless to keep the spirit of solidarity alive by contributing to a water well for a community in Nicaragua. We are pleased to report that despite distance, you will not have missed a year of making a huge impact. The community of Quetzelguaque has been touched by your generosity! Thank you!

Though Change for Children’s education, clean water, and relief projects continue to this day through our partners local to the communities in which we work, we join our volunteer travelers in looking forward to being connected face to face and hand to hand through these medical missions once again.

We will, of course, keep the community posted! Thank you for keeping others in your thoughts and solidarity in your spirit!

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