Learning Outside the Lines

The first time I stepped out of a canoe and into a classroom in the Bosawas, Nicaragua to assist a dental brigade, I never would have imagined that a few years later, that same classroom would be solar powered and playing host to offline hotspot technology benefitting teachers, students, and the entire community.

The Bosawas is remote, so as you can perhaps imagine, it’s been (and continues to be!) quite a process! It’s getting giant solar panels down the river and up onto roofs. It’s transporting boxes of equipment up steep banks and into schools. It’s unpackaging. It’s training. And it’s intense! Especially for those who may have never before held a device in their hands. But it’s also pretty amazing!

It starts with fostering tech savvy teachers. It involves the inclusion of Mother-tongue curriculum materials on digital libraries. It evolves into inspired learning for all! It’s thinking outside the lines to reach those inside the margins.

It’s bringing the world and the knowledge it bears, a little closer to the Bosawas.

Your support helps connect more communities! 

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