Every Action Counts

We are welcomed by a brave boy who stands before us and invites us into the sanctity of his schoolyard outside Marcala, Honduras, to show us his school’s safe water system – a combination system that first separates out contaminants from the heavily polluted water source before adding chlorination to make the water safe to drink. The two-tank safe water system means fewer incidences of illness and fewer missed school days. It means that the kids kicking around a soccer ball do not hesitate to run over and quench their thirsts!

Excited students walk us through their school garden where evidence of a recent harvest lays bare on the land. And while the garden is between crops on this day, we learn that the bounty has included carrots and beets, lettuce and corn – a big harvest, sown and reaped by the little hands of students eager to learn to do by doing.

We are moved by the moms who take turns using the vegetables from the school garden and the access to safe water to cook a healthy lunch for the students, ensuring that even those who come to class hungry get at least one nutritious meal each day.

This school, with its handwashing station and its combination water system and its garden, ushers in the freedom for students to thrive! Inspired by the success we have seen here and in the spirit of the World Water Day 2023 theme – Accelerating Change – Change for Children is partnering with schools in Honduras to make clean water and full tummies a reality for more students.
Your support – your action – accelerates change!

Because, Every Action Counts.

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