Time waits for no one. #AboutTime

As time passes, so do opportunities to educate children who are diverted away from classrooms if the infrastructure, the resources, and the teachers are not equipped to deliver on the promise of education.

Canadian teachers who recently participated in the teacher’s brigade to the Bosawas, Nicaragua, in partnership with the Alberta Teacher’s Association, experienced firsthand the time and effort and challenges associated with education in resource-scarce communities along the Coco River.

Under-resourced community schools mean students who do attend are often under-prepared to pursue further education. Schools with resources — whether digital libraries or good old fashioned tactile resources — attract and retain students and improve learning outcomes.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the visiting teachers, the team filled their dugout canoes with supplies to share with teachers and students with limited access to teaching materials. From the simple (using plastic sheet covers and dry erase markers to extend the life of worksheets) to the functional (think abacus and alphabets) to the just plain fun (magic sand and soccer balls, anyone?!). The visiting teachers collaborated with local teachers accustomed to thinking outside the box and off the grid when it comes to classroom learning, even in communities where there are no physical classrooms at all.

In the heart of the jungle, we embarked on an extraordinary journey of education and exploration. Together, students and teachers worked in collaboration, where dedication and passion translated into shared growth of knowledge.
– Tara Ong Padilla, High School Spanish Teacher, Calgary
Change for Children seeks to expand the use of off-grid digital libraries and laptops to leverage technology to improve lessons and learning into more remote communities to ensure coverage of current curriculum content and improved quality of education. Teachers save time by upgrading their credentials and teaching methods with digital training modules and without having to leave their home communities.

Less time preparing lesson plans means more time preparing students. Students with an education on par with national standards are more likely to pursue higher education.

Time waits for no one. And quality education is About Time.


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