Raising Voices. Raising Children. Raising Quality of Life.

Executive Director, Lorraine Swift, attends community assemblies in the communities of Reyes Centro and Armenia in El Sauce in the dry corridor of Nicaragua. One by one, women stand and share their stories. Sobeyda tells of the water borne illnesses that are making their children sick. Fatima shares the steps they have taken to organize and to advocate (made obvious by the presence of an elected water committee and coordination with the mayor’s office to make this very meeting a reality). Others share the work the women collectively undertake in their community to create a culture of respect – respect for water, respect for scarcity, respect for each other.

On International Women’s Day, the steadfast commitment of women to advocate for the human right to water – raising their voices to raise the quality of life for their children and families – is a testament to women who also raise each other up. This spring, with your support from the 2023 Development Dinner and with support from the Bishop Denis Croteau Development Foundation, the women of Reyes Centro and Armenia will see water wells drilled in their communities.

Investment in the women of the two communities, in their vision of a dignified and healthy life, is a call to action. Gender equality is one of the most effective ways to build healthy, prosperous, inclusive communities where everyone can reach their full potential.

Invest in women.
Accelerate progress.

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