Education is the lighting of a fire.

Deep in the heart of the vulnerable landscapes in Nicaragua and Guatemala where Change for Children is partnering with local teachers to improve quality of education through adaptive technology and tailored curriculum, the influence that teachers hold to plant the seeds of learning in all areas, including environmental stewardship, cannot be understated. On this World Environment Day, we recognize the contributions made by teachers to foster curiosity, care, and accountability in students when it comes to the environment. All this on top of creating a safe environment in which to learn.

And while the technology we have deployed in schools is not intended to be a substitute for the very Teachers who use it as a tool in the classroom, it does serve to light a fire in students and support the intrepid efforts of teachers in under-resourced areas. As evidenced by external evaluations and our own research, improved teacher pedagogy and increased diversity and quality of educational resources has been achieved in cooperation with impassioned teachers – the beating hearts of every education system.

As the Canadian school year wraps up, we are looking forward to joining forces with the Alberta Teachers Association and the group of six Alberta teachers traveling to the Bosawás, Nicaragua in July to assist with the professional development of fellow teachers in the areas of technology education, inclusion, and climate change education.

Collectively, the teachers will collaborate on action plans to promote school attendance and achievement, with the overall goal being to enhance the quality of education offered to the marginalized Miskito Indigenous population of Nicaragua’s Bosawás Biosphere Reserve. With pre-departure workshops and discussions already underway, it is clear that the energy the Alberta teachers bring to the table matches that of their counterparts in Nicaragua who look forward to continuing the collaboration after two prior successful ATA collaborations in the Bosawás.

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