Inside Cultural Preservation

Preserving the tongue, the traditions, and the legacy of ancestors is a treasure in any culture and is critical in maintaining identity as indigenous peoples for the Miskito families in the BOSAWAS. Safeguarding language preserves rich cultural diversity. With growing understanding of the importance of mother-tongue education, particularly in early schooling, Change for Children is championing efforts to increase the accessibility of mother tongue-based multilingual education in the BOSAWAS, Nicaragua.

The resources in Miskito that have been added to the offline library are very useful to all of us. We have started to explore and learn a lot of new words in our own language. Before all this, we could teach using Miskito and Spanish, but we were still missing deep and profound explanations of concepts in our own language. That need has finally been given a solution.”

— Flor Martinez, Preschool Teacher, BOSAWAS



Safeguarding Language Outside the Lines