Nicaragua – Ecostoves

The simple sensibility of the eco stove

Fuel efficient eco-stoves remove toxic smoke from homes and give the people of the Bosawas Biosphere reserve, currently facing health challenges and climate challenges, a little breathing room.

Awesome Eco-Stove in BOSAWASHealthy Breathing in the Home

The traditional indoor open-fire cook stoves used in Central America result in high levels of indoor air pollution leading to severe respiratory problems. They are inefficient and require a great deal of fuel, leading to deforestation. Women and children suffer most as they spend the most time in the smoke-filled kitchen and collecting wood.

Eco Stoves are simply designed, manufactured locally using local materials, adapted to meet local cooking customs, and they greatly improve the health of women, children and the environment. The chimney of the eco stove removes toxic smoke, keeping it out of the lungs of women and children. It burns less than a third of the wood of traditional cooking thus reducing the amount of time and money required to obtain fuel while also reducing the polluting effects on the environment.

Project Partner

Centro Humboldt has been a leading environmental organization in Nicaraguan civil society since 1990. Their award winning work is based on the belief that community development revolves around environmental sustainability.

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