Eritrea – Workshops for Women

Partner: National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW)

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The NUEW is an autonomous, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the status of Eritrean women. During Eritrea’s liberation struggle, NUEW succeeded in organizing and encouraging women’s participation in the war effort. Since independence in 1991, NUEW has continued to enhance the role of women by raising their political consciousness through literacy campaigns, credit programs, English language lessons, health promotion, HIV/AIDS education and other skills training.

Currently, NUEW is working to expand its activities all across the country with the formation of new women’s centers in all the major communities of Eritrea. Change for Children Association (CFCA) would like to support this initiative through the sponsorship of a centre being planned for the community of Dekemhare. The centre will provide 500 women in the community with practical technical training, job skills training and workshops for women on HIV/AIDS, gender issues, family planning and human rights.

The key goal of the project is to reduce the rate of unemployment and improve economic conditions in this poverty-stricken area. The anticipated impact of this project in the community is significant, not only because of the increased literacy and economic earning-power of the women involved, but also because the training centre would become an established part of the community, providing public engagement presentations and workshops in key areas of health, human rights and the environment.

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