Nicaragua – FUNARTE

Project: Children’s Rights Project in Esteli, Nicaragua

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In Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Americas, threats of gang violence and HIV/ AIDS have increased dramatically due to the prolonged economic crisis. Many youth are faced with enormous challenges and are deprived of basic opportunities to develop the skills and confidence necessary to chart the direction of future positive change.

Change for Children Association works in partnership with the Nicaraguan organization, FUNARTE (Foundation ART!) to provide artistic and cultural programs to children living in poverty. FUNARTE’s goal is to offer alternative educational opportunities to boost young peoples’ self esteem and engage them in community development.

Through creative, energetic activities, FUNARTE ensures that Nicaragua’s youth are aware of their human rights and involved in building a society that respects them. FUNARTE has offered responsive programming to some of Nicaragua’s most at-risk youth since 1989. Through muralism, leadership training, and arts -based rights education FUNARTE’s programs empower youth to engage their communities in recognizing and celebrating the value of youth in Nicaragua’s future.

While FUNARTE has inspired international recognition for their groundbreaking approach to advocacy on the human rights of children in Nicaragua, funding from local government is practically non-existent. Change for Children has partnered with FUNARTE to ensure that their programs continue to empower the impoverished youth of Nicaragua.

“Seeing FUNARTE’s youth muralism workshop in action made it so clear to me that giving these kids a chance to learn and creatively express their rights is definitely part of the solution towards alleviating the destructive cycle of poverty,” Sheryle Carlson, CFCA volunteer.

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