Nicaragua – Medicine Chest

Project: Community Medicine Chest Herbal Medicine For Curative And Preventative Health- Bosawas Forest Reserve (End Date 2006)
Community Medicine Chest – Herbal Medicine for curative and preventative health in the Bosawas forest reserve, Nicaragua
Partners: Centro Humbolt, APS (Atencion Primaria en Salud) and ADEPCIMISUJIN (Indigenous Association that represents the Miskito and Mayangna commuinties in the Reserve)

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Centro Humbolt’s mission is to promote territorial development and environmental management. Its central objective is to foster holistic community and environmental development by strengthening scientific capacity and the organizational strengths of social groups.

Our Medicine Chest Project in BOSAWAS, Nicaragua has lowered the rates of common diseases in over 25 indigenous communities in this tropical forest reserve.

The Community Medicine Chest project places emphasis on infant and child nutrition, on the use of natural medicines, on the distribution of medicines and on the training of local women in health practices. This project provides accessible, sustainable basic health care in 25 remote indigenous communities, developing local capacity by training health promoters in target communities. It will provide health manuals in the Miskito and Mayangna languages, medicine, supplies and medical equipment to each of the communities and it revolves around restoring knowledge about and use of traditional, natural medicine

This project was supported by CIDA funding

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