Phillipines – Living and Learning

Project: Living And Learning: Ecology And Organic Farming
Partner: Magsaysay Farming Association (MAGFAR)

Magsaysay Farming Association (MAGFAR) Living and Learning: Ecology and Organic Farming was formed in March 1999. The organization came about as a result of the Philippine government’s Agrarian Reform Program. Thirty-seven families in the Magsaysay region benefited from this program with each family receiving 3 hectares of land along with a certificate of land title. Immediately after the land grant, the families came together to determine how best to organize to meet their individual and communal needs. They were supported in these initial meetings by a group of individuals with significant experience in peasant organizing. It was through these meetings that MAGFAR was formed and formalized.

Although CFCA began working with MAGFAR more recently, we have worked with one of their coordinating team members, Celeste Sambale, since 1990. Since that time, CFCA has supported a number of initiatives she has facilitated with organizations of urban poor and with rural squatters. CFCA, with CIDA support provided the community with support in organizing and developing a sustainable agricultural production base. Activities included a recycling / composting center, organic crops, animal husbandry and extensive training and capacity building for farmers in the area.

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