Sierra Leone – with Hands Across Africa

Project: Projects in Partnership with Hands Across Africa
Partners: Moyamba Rehabilitation Clinic (St. Joseph’s Clinic)
Canadian Project Partner: Hands Across Africa

Working with CFCA, Hand Across Africa has been able to support this clinic, which provides much-needed rehabilitation therapy, prosthesis and counseling to people injured in the war in Sierra Leone, in an area  where there are few other medical services. In 2009/10 the clinic was able to treat over 900 patients and fit them for prosthetic limbs.

Our Partners: The Hands Across Africa Society was started by colleagues at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, Canada, who wanted to improve the lives of others. It has evolved into a group of volunteers who focus on fundraising for projects in Tanzania and Sierra Leone.

HAA also supports the Amani Children’s House in Tanzania  – click here for more on that project..

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